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Ooops, My Fridge Sounds Weird


If you are one of those who are waking up at night with the bags under the eyes, nervousness in the gut and the cold sweat on the back because of the strange sounds of your brand new beverage center, this is a perfect article for you.

Here is great news:

You are not going mad and there is a great possibility you will not have to replace the device you just bought.

Some of these disturbing sounds are just normal. Yes, they are.

All that humming, pulsing and boiling-type-of- sounds are, in the most cases, just the normal process of the working regime. Nothing less and nothing more.

„But I have heard the bev centers are pretty much silent devices and some of them can be installed even in the sleeping room”, warn us some of the dissatisfied users

They are probably filing deceived and thinking how to send back the appliance with first occasion.

However, there is one little thing that should be considered. Is your regular fridge inaudible?

Or the freezer, icemaker, dishwasher, PC, vacuum, hair dryer…Just name it.

All these things have some sounds and they are surely not silent as the grave (thank God for that).

The same situation is with all types, with the exception of the outdoor models. Since these kinds of appliances must to operate in open space, where the temperatures change all the time, they are all equipped with the powerful compressors.

This formula is very simple:

Strong machine means more noise! And more power consumption of course. If someone installed “the monster” beside the bad, he really should not be surprised why he cannot sleep like a baby without sleeping pills.

In general, drink fridges are loud as other similar home appliances. It is true that some models are “super-ultra” silent, but you just can’t expect a pure silence from these machines.

The most of them do not exceed a magic line of the 50 decibels (dB), which is considered as confine between pleasant and the harsh kind of the sound.

For example, normal human voice, the refrigerator or the quiet music on the radio belong to the group below 50 dB

The bottom line:

The question whether some device is loud or not is up to the individual preferences- someone cannot sleep even if it’s raining, while the others could snore next to the rocket launcher.

Let’s back to the problem and the “weird” sounds.

The Sounds Of The Beverage Centers

What is considered as a strange sound? The producers are very clear about this question. These are the answers we received from most of them.

Humming and pulsing sound of the machine that is turned on is probably coming from the compressor- the heart of all beverage centers.  If this sound comes and disappears as compressor turns on and off, this could be pretty certain sign it is a compressor issue.

Boiling liquid type of sound in most cases comes from the evaporator- an unmistakable part of all fridges and air-conditioners. It is designed to turn chemicals from liquid into a gas form. So, if you are afraid that your device is boiling up, you can relax now. It is just a regular “music” of the evaporator.

Clicking is usually connected with a compressor’s working cycle.

Some noise could be caused by condenser fan, because air goes thru it.

If you thought your device is leaking and you hear some dripping, it could be a consequence of the defrosting process. When the unit is in the defrosting process, all water running into a drain pan, which may sound like it is raining.

Of course, the level of the noise depends on the power of the machine. Although you can’t change much about it, you can still prevent some things.

Try With These Tricks

Make sure you have installed your device properly in the first place. Although all listed sounds are normal, some of them are consequence of the wrong setting and handling.

Check out is your device placed on the firm and leveled surface. Wrong angle affect the normal compressor’s working process. This can reflect as a gouging and scratching, same as overheating.

Second, make sure that you have not overloaded your appliance with the cans and bottles. If you placed too much content on the shelves, the air will not circulate properly and your device will have a hard time to get the optimal temperature. This means constantly working of the compressor and more noise.

Third, it is crucial to properly set your device in the kitchen boxes or under the counter and to leave necessary space for the optimal working. Otherwise, it may cause overheating and total defect of the unit.

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