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How To Install Beer Fridge Like A Pro?

You do not have to be a professional craftsman to install beverage center. It is pretty much easy job and does not require any special tools or skills.

However, there is some difference in installing undercounter beverage center, freestanding or outdoor device.

Before You Install Beverage Center

The first thing you should do, and this is what we advise all new users of this appliance, is to read carefully producer’s manual to prevent any kind of braking warranty terms.

The second thing is the selection of the location.

Regardless of whether you want to place your device in the living room, kitchen, basement or outside, the most important is to have an adequate and correct power connector.

Make sure that your location is moisture free, and that your appliance is not placed near any kind of open heat source: direct sunlight, stove, heater or radiator.

Also, make sure that your unit is not installed near water: wet rooms, near a swimming pool, or near a sink.

It is recommended that beverage cooler should be connected to its own circuit at the standard electrical supply (115V, 60Hz). You must adequately ground your appliance.

Very important: Before you plug it into a power supply, leave your appliance at least 5 hours (some producers recommend 24 hours) to allow compressor’s oil to settle down.


It is important to install it on a firm and level surface. Use your leveling tool or just rotate a leveling foot to set the device in ideal position.

Make sure that you leave enough space clearance for the vent system.

How To Install Install Under Counter Device?

As we already said, built in refrigerator can be installed both as freestanding or built-in appliance. Since the first case is considered in the next header, we will talk about the second- how to built-in zero clearance device?

Basically, it is very easy job and you you can do within an hour.

The very first thing is to, whether you install a beverage fridge under the counter or in the kitchen cabinet, allow adequate ventilation space around the appliance- at least 2/5” at the back, 1/5” ad sides, and 1/5″ at the top.

Make sure that a location of your device has temperatures range 50°-95°F. Otherwise, your drinks will not be cold enough, and could effect on its duration.

sub-zero wolf fridgesIf you are still confused, you can see more more useful information and trick in this detailed Installation Guide from Subzero-Wolf.

Install Freestanding Unit

The first thing you should do is to place the freestanding beverage center on a floor, strong enough to support even fully loaded appliance.

The crucial thing is to allow 2-3 inches of space between the back and sides to prevent overheating of the device.

Do not forget to install your unit in the right location with optimal atmospheric temperature.

High temperature may increase electrical consumption, while direct sunlight may damage protective acrylic coating on doors.

Extreme cold ambient temperature is surely not good for this appliance center too.

viking logoFor more details, go Here

Install Outdoor Device

There is no point repeating all above, because installing outdoor beverage center is a combination of previous methods. It is all depends do you want to install your outdoor beverage center as freestanding  or built-in appliance.

jackson-grills logoYou can do it by yourself and have the perfect BBQ. All details about these devices are explained in this Use And Care Guide 

In the end, whether you are consider installing undercounter, freestanding or outdoor type, you should consider in taking some warranty and protection plan. All producers will give you 1-year warranty period.

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