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Grab Your Freestanding Beverage Center and Start Chilling

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Freestanding beverage center is the most adjustable kind of coolers, and can be installed in almost every room in your house or office. It is the most popular type of these kind of special compact fridges too.

In general, these models are something cheaper than under counter and outdoor appliances.

But before you proceed, maybe you should check our our the best undercounter beverage center reviews.

Why Stand Alone Cooler?

It is a very grateful category, because there is no limit for its installation. You can basically place it wherever you like- kitchen, fun room, living room, basement, gym or in your office.

You have to be aware that this model is not designed to be built in cabinets or under the counter, because it has a vent system at the back and side.

If you do not follow the producers installation manuals, your device probably will not work as it expected. Overheating, noisy sounds or insufficiently cold drinks are the most common consequences of wrong and faulty installation.

However, some more expensive models can be built-in, but you must install it in the proper way.

Very adjustable appliance. It has a special designed layout that fits all kinds of beverages and has an ideal temperature range.

Not a big electricity consumer.

Although we noticed that some models are pretty much noise, majority are not louder than the other appliances, such as fridges or air conditioners.

But you do not have to be worried. We selected models that have the best quality for its price.

1. Danby

picture of danby modelDanby DBC120BLS has been definitely the most wanted beverage center for a long time now. And not only in the USA.

This great device comes from Danby, a company headquartered in Findlay, Ohio.

After our extensive research of this model, we concluded again, for the umpteenth time, that consumers unmistakably know how to choose the best quality for a relatively small amount of money.

And they did not mistake this time.

The Danby is certainly not a perfect cooler in the world, but definitely is for that money.

Based on its quality, this model is much more reliable and has a better design than other more expensive brands. The Danby is definitely a model that we would recommend to everyone.

Note: We have heard complains that it is designed for canned drinks only, as it is shown in the promo photos. That is just not true!

As the majority of beverage centers, this Danby model has adjustable layout that can be suitable for both canned and bottled drinks. All you have to do is to move/add the wire shelves. It is up to you how you want to set up the content.

For example, we managed to store 60 bottles of beer and wine without any trouble!

It is, however,  true that this model has a little bit awkward shelves, because cans and bottles are a bit unstable when you put them upright. We noticed it too.

With a little patience, you can place 12 oz. cans, but not the smaller ones. Some our friend solved this problem by adding a shelf liner on top of the wire shelves, while others simply cut a piece of glass or plastic plate on it.

One of the main drawbacks is the thermostat position. It is on the top right rear corner, which is a little tricky when you have fully loaded freestanding device.

Unfortunately, the inner bulb is incandescent, not LED.

However, it looks sharp and pretty. Has a single one leveling leg, placed in the front of the device. Be careful when installing it on the the thick carpet, because of the normal door opening.

  • External dimensions: 19.8 H x 17.9 W x 33.7 D
  • Capacity: 3.3 cu. ft. (up to 120 cans)
  • Temperature range: 43°- 57F
  • Tempered, reversible glass door
  • Integrated lock with key

2. Newair 126

new air compact refrigeratorNewAir 126 is a great freestanding  appliance for those who want extra space and long lasting device. Produced by NewAir, a premier provider of home appliance, founded in 2002.

After a long research, we realized that NewAir 126 is the model that has the best price compared with similar brands with this capacity  and quality.

This freestanding unit can keep 126 cans or bunch of bottled beers and sodas. It has 5 removable racks and a spacious storage bin, which is impressive.

Very adjustable for all kinds of package.

Although it cannot be said it is the quitest model, the NewAir  is not louder than an ordinary fridge.

Very classy design and quality production. Beautiful blue LED light.

One of the things that distinguish this model from other brands is a great consumer service. The guys from NewAir will be there for all your questions and potential problems.

  • External dimensions: 19 H x 18.2 W x 33.1 D
  • Temperature range: Cools down to 34°F
  • Capacity: Holds up to 126 cans of beer or soda
  • 5 removable chrome racks plus a spacious storage bin
  • Manual controls with 7 temperature settings
  • Automatic defrost

 3. Avanti 1.7

avanti 1.7Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot  is the smallest appliance on our list, but its quality is uncontested.

Produced by Avanti, well known appliance company, established 41 years ago.

This model is, as a producer says, ideal for mini bars, offices and particularly for the hotels.  We would it is also perfect for everyone who loves modern design and distinguish look.

Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot has everything you will ever need for chilling your drinks.

It has auto defrost system and 2 removable and adjustable shelves.

It is recognizable by mirrored glass door and you can look thru it when the LED interior light is turned on.

Note: This freestanding beverage center, unfortunately, has not digital display.

Although the thermostat is analog, it works without any problem. We were curious about its Whisper Quiet Operation system. Some of our friends and associates decided to install it in the bedroom to test it. The test was successful. They said they slept like babies!

    • External dimensions: 19 H x 17 W x 20.2 D
    • Capacity 1.7 Cu. Ft.
    • Automatic defrost
    • LED inner light
    • Digital display
  • Mirror finished door

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