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Cleaning Bev Center- Cool Tips and Tricks


There is no doubt that the cleaning is one of the most hated home jobs ever- it takes time, sometimes it is pretty hard and complicated, but above all, it is extremely boring!

Evan an idea of wiping and sponging over the house creeps people out.

In the most cases, the only solution is hiring someone from the growing cleaning companies.

Is this a final solution of the problem?  Surely not.  And it is not the cheapest one too.

Listen to this:

Cleaning your home appliances does not have to be boring, complicated and, which is best of all, can be done in 20 minutes.

You do not believe? Just follow this cool tips and tricks and your beverage center will shine like the sun over the Yuma, Arizona.

Good news in the beginning:

Compared to the other similar devices, such as fridges, coolers and freezers, beverage center is very easy for the maintaining. It is designed for keeping drinks cold, not the food or any kind of the highly perishable foods.

This is the reason why this appliance is not so critical regarding of dangerous bacteria caused by stale groceries. And it does not „suffered“ from the unpleasant odors like other devices.

Despite all these advantages, bev centers still have to be cleaned for the optimal work and durability.

Cleaning Fridge Device Step by Step

The very first thing you should do before you start cleaning your unit is to unplug it from the power supplier. Evan it sounds corny and redundant, you cannot be too careful when you work with water near electricity.

The second thing is to empty your appliance. Remove all your bottles and cans out and check is it some of it broke or out of date. Since it is not a wise idea to return wet bottles in the beverage centers, you should keep it cold while you are cleaning.

You should start cleaning your appliance from the inside out, not  contrary.

Dismantle all removable parts (wire racks, shelves, plastic holders…) and take it out. In this way, you will reach far easier areas that usually stay untouched. Placed them on newspapers or some old cloth and leave them at room temperature. This is a great way to prevent plastic and glass parts from damaging due sudden temperature changing.

As we said, the best way to start cleaning beverage center is from inside. Although there is a ton of branding cleaning products on the market, we advise you not to buy them right away.  At least not before you tried ours tips and tricks:

Note: Whether you are cleaning inside or outside, you should avoid aggressive chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine bleach or any kind of strong detergent.

Don’t waste your money on expensive products. Using natural mixtures is not only cheaper, but also healthier

Start cleaning with ordinary, neutral soap and mild water. And that is that. With a little help of soft sponge or magic rag, the all dirt will be removed.

Instead of using expensive and often aggressive chemicals, for the hard-line spots we recommend an old but proven solution- ordinary baking soda and water (2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed in a glass of warm water). This magic formula is not just cheap and effective; it is a completely harmless for your health too.

The second great solution is a mixture of a half-cup of vinegar, three cups of water and one spoon of lemon juice. Shake it all together and pour in plastic bottle with spray.

If you are missing some of these ingredients, which is hardly possible, you can use one of the most famous abrasive products in the world- ordinary toothpaste. In that way you will get rid of all filth from your beverage center, polish the glass and plastic parts and refresh the whole interior.

After you are done with the interior, now it is time for the parts you removed in the beginning. Wipe and polish them same as the interior- with baking or vinegar mixture. We recommend you to clean it one by one, and install them in the proper way.

Another important thing that people often overlooked is doors and especially door gaskets. These things are crucial for the maintaining optimal temperature. For door cleaning you can use everything you have used before, but for the sealing vinyl and door gaskets there is one little trick:

To prevent door gaskets from cracking, use petroleum jelly. This will extend its elasticity and enable perfect door sealing.

After this cleaning phase, you can close the door and focus on the exterior (use soap, baking soda or vinegar solution). Before you do that, you should brush or vacuum condenser at least once a year. In that way you will prevent overheating.

The cleaning is done! Turn on the beverage center according the producers manual and return your drinks in it. After a couple of hours, you can enjoy in your perfect cold drink.

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