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About Us

Hi there and thank you for visiting our site.  Cool Beverage Centers World has been launched in 2014, as a product of serious and long-lasting research of an informal group of engineers and beverage center lovers. Yes, that is who we really are.

We have gathered around based on a couple of simple rules- Honesty, Knowledge and the Joy.

  • Every our article and word represent an utterly honest approach to the particular topic or model. Every review is a product of our expertise and actual checking and testing every model or type that is mentioned on the site. We have really tried and tested all devices. We stand behind every review and nothing could affect it. Nothing, except our desire to present things as they really are. Nothing more and nothing less.
  • The people who stand behind this site are all experts in various professions.  Some of us are engineers and technicians, some are electricians or people who are in the home appliance business for years. But we all love these devices and joy they are bringing into our lives.
  • We just enjoy  in this. We are not here because of the money or something like that. We are aware of the fact that we cannot make a fortune with our website. It simply does not matter. We are doing this because we love it. And that is that.

As we just said, the profit is not the reason why we started this. However, we decided to become a part of the Amazon affiliate program for several reasons:

–          covering the basic costs for running this website

–          covering the basic expenses for purchasing or testing certain devices

–          for the beer (cold one, of course)

–          for your safety because we know that if you decide to purchase something through our site, you will have the best service

All the best, and keep it cool,

Your Cool Beverage Centers World Team!