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Best Undercounter Beverage Coolers 2018- Reviews, Ratings and Suggestions


Let’s be honest:

Undercounter beverage center or built-in refrigerator is not something that you desperately need for  living.

In other words, you can easily live without it.

Here is the deal:

For some people, it is just another unnecessary thing among other similar things.


Why, for God’s sake, would I need something like that when I already have a fridge, a mini – fridge, a freezer, a cooler and who knows what else”, one would usually ask.

And guess what?

They are not far from the truth.

Not at all.

And really, why would someone need a undercounter beverage center?

The answer is very simple:

Life could easily be imagined without it, but hardly would it be true enjoyment.

As well as all those little things that makes life so pleasant.

In the end, there is a huge difference between having a favorite drink and having it perfectly chilled.

And this is exactly what built-in beverage cooler does.

It keeps your enjoyment at the ideal temperature.


EdgeStar 148 Can

32 x 15 x 23 3/4 


100 pounds

148 cans or  72 bottles

Safety Lock 

Our Favorite!

Electrolux EI24BC

24 x 23 x 34


128 pounds

 6.0 Cu. Ft. (169.901 liters)

Safety Lock

Koldfront 80 Can

32 x 15 x 23 3/4


89 pounds

Up to 80 cans

Safety Lock

If you are looking for the ideal freestanding chiller
that could satisfy all human wishes and desires, just stop.You are looking for the impossible


There is no such a thing as a perfect appliance!

But it does not mean that you can not find your perfect device– useful undercounter beverage center for all yours favorite drinks.

What The Heck Is Integrated Beverage Fridge?

In the widest sense of the word, it is usually defined as a special type of mini-fridge.

This is just partially true.

However, it is more precise to define it as a compact fridge, specially designed to cool down and keep you bottled and canned favorite drinks at ideal temperature.


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This home appliance has several advantages compared to other similar devices, such as fridges or freezers:

  • It has much more space designed just for drinks. At the same time, it frees up space in other devices.
  • It has adjustable space for a different kinds of drinks. You can arrange it in any way you like.
  • It has special racks that fit to almost all kinds of packing- standing or laying bottles or cans, it is all up to you.
  • The ideal temperature range is adjusted for different drinks, not for groceries (does not have a freezer section). It definitely keeps your power bill under control.
  • Targeted temperatures mean less work for the cooling system. It means less noise in the room and possibility to install it in the living room, fun room, office or wherever you want. Your choice is not limited to the kitchen, basement or any other back rooms.
  • It looks fabulous.



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 Best Beverage Center for 2018.


Undercounter beverage center or cooler is definitely the most popular and the most distinctive type among all other beer fridges!


Simply because that is what users said when they were survived by some of the leading home appliance producers.

This is their voice. Your voice!

There are many other reasons why these awesome chillers (also known as built in, zero clearance model, integrated, under counter units) are so popular.

But one particularly stands out:

They can be installed as freestanding (without any kind of cabinets or boxes) or integrated appliance! It is all up to you and your home improvement wishes.


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This great feature will give you more options for rearranging your home or office space. In other words, this type of mini-fridge is designed to perfectly fit in your kitchen or the bar.

Just imagine:

You can have a functional, attractive, stylish and breathtaking home space without moving existing furniture or without complicate reorganization.

If you want for your new, fancy appliance to become an integral part of the old kitchen, this type will be the ideal solution.

Another great thing is that you will not have to worry about overheating if you decide to install your unit under the counter or in the kitchen cabinet!

It has a front vent under the door with heat channels directed away from the unit.

This is extremely important.


You must not, we repeat, you must not try to install the unit in any kind of cabinet if it does not have the ventilation system at the front. All under the counter refrigerators have it!


On the other hand, it should be noted that this type is not suitable for outdoor use.

For this purpose are ideal outdoor beer fridges!

Although installation process seems complicated, it is not.

All undercounter beverage centers can be installed and maintained without any problems, even if you are complete amateur.

Undercounter Beverage Centers- Models and Reviews


There are plenty of undercounter beverage center types on the market and it is really hard to choose the best one.

Based on the personal experience, and the experience of many other users, we have decided to present you with several models.

You should note that we have not selected the most expensive nor the most famous brands- all we are considered about is the best value for money.

On the other hand, you have to be aware of the fact that integrated models are more expensive than other types.

The main reason is their possibility to be installed in two different ways- freestanding or built- in.

#1 EdgeStar 148 Can: Great Money/Quality Ratio

Undercounter beverage center- EdgeStar

EdgeStar 148 Can is under counter beverage cooler from the well-known producer EdgeStar from Austin, Texas.

We call it a cooler, just because the producer calls it so.

Essentially, it is a great example of the beverage center, designed for all kinds of drinks and packs.

We have chosen this model because we have noticed it is much more reliable than other EdgarStar devices.

It really has performances that are outlined by the manufacturer and offers excellent quality for the price.

  • External dimensions: 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 3/4″D
  • Temperature range: 38-50°F
  • Thanks to the front venting solution, this appliance can be either installed as a freestanding unit or embedded under the counter and into the kitchen box. No overheating and frosting.
  • It can keeps up to 148 12 oz. cans at a temperature from 38° to 50°F
  • Auto defrost all refrigerator
  •  Three glass shelves
  • Has reversible glass door with UV protection. You can easily adjust it on both sides
  • Thanks to the adjustable shelves, you can keep both bottled and canned drinks
  • Digital temperature display and fantastic led light for an exclusive look
  • Vibration and noise are at the low level because of rubber bushing installed compressor
  • Protection safety lock
  • Warranty from producer: 1-year parts and labor
  • Great price

Note: Some users of EdgeStar 148 Can said it does not cool down drinks enough.

After a while, we found out that the unit was not properly installed into the kitchen cabinet. In some cases people were not allowed minimum clearance at the back; in some the front vent was blocked by the cabinet or the appliance was just overloaded with beverages.

#2 Electrolux EI24BC10QS: Premium Beverage Center Quality

This is a flagship model from proven producer Electrolux, a global leader in home appliance, which sells more than 50 million products every year.

Electrolux EI24BC10QS is a synonym for a top class beverage center, intended to those who want superior quality and premium design.

As a people who were lucky enough to try it personally, we can confirm that this model has almost no downside. Even the relatively high price is proportional to the top quality that is held for years after using this model.

  • External dimensions: 24 x 23 x 34 inches
  • Temperature range: 35-45°F
  • Capacity: 6.0 Cu. Ft. (169.901 liters)
  • Can be installed both as freestanding and built- in. Does not require additional air space for top, sides or rear. Of course, the unit can NOT be installed behind closed doors- the front grille must remain unobstructed
  • Fully Integrated Control Panel
  • Blue LED Display with Lower Level Display Rack
  • Luxury-Design® Lighting
  • Electronic Control Lock
  • Door, high-temperature and power failure alarm
  • Reversible, UV filtered glass door

Note: Electrolux EI24BC10QS has a separate bottle rack at the bottom which you can be positioned angled upwards. There is space for 6 bottles, but is up to you how you want to use its layout.

One of the quietest models that we tested!

#3 Koldfront 80 Can: Really Small Beverage Fridge 


Koldfront 80 Can is another quality, medium-large undercounter beverage center. Just like the EdgeStar, it is one of the largest marquee brands for Living Direct.

Basically, it is a pretty much the same model as the first unit we introduced, with almost identical technical features and design.

The only difference is that this model is sold with a black frame door.

Good quality and decent price for this integrated beverage center.

  • External dimensions: 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 3/4″ D
  • Temperature range: 38-50°F
  • Auto defrost all refrigerator
  • Blue LED interior light
  • Reversible tempered glass door
  • Digital display

#4. General Electric: Top Class Dring Cooler

GE Profile Drink Cooler

GE PCR06BATSS Profile 24 is definitely a top class model from the established producer General Electric, USA.

Great quality and recognizable design will give your home stylish look.

It is simply impossible not to notice this beautiful device.

GE PCR06BATSS Profile has a charming wine racks with beechwood fronts. It slides in and out with ease, making loading and unloading effortless.

It stands out with a huge capacity and low power consumption. This handy undercounter beverage center has everything you need for all kinds of beverages.

According to our experience, it is one of the quietest appliances on the market, and people have often installed it in the family room.

  • External dimensions: 34 1/4 H x 23 3/4 W x 25 D
  • Capacity: 150 can or 126 cans and 12 bottles
  • Full-extension wine racks with beechwood fronts
  • Spillproof Glass Shelves
  • Reversible Door
  • Help contain spills for ease of cleaning

Note: Before the use of any model, you should be focused on proper installation and maintenance.




The Looks Of The Under Counter Beverage Refrigerator

Thanks to the glass door, which is mostly a common feature of this kind of compact fridges, this fantastic device brings necessary dose of fun and originality into your living space.

With its inner lights (can be set in a different modes) and modern design, this appliance transforms your home or office in the more comfortable place for you and your beloved ones.

Of course, the transparent door is not only for the esthetic pleasure and enjoyment. They have a practical function too.

With this kind of a glass door, regardless of whether you are talking about an under counter drink chiller, freestanding or outdoor model, you will have a full control of  content and its consumption. In this way, your favorite drink will always be at hand.

Your control over the content can be significantly increased by using models with a safety lock. Such a handy solution for the kids at home or the employees in your firm.

In short, a b is useful appliance that is incomparable with the other devices. It is a very easy to install and maintain in a good condition for a long time.

Advantages Of Beverage Coolers



If you want to understand what beverage fridge actually is, you have to learn to distinguish it from the similar devices:

small compact fridge

  • compact fridge
  • beverage coolers
  • freezer

There is a huge difference among these appliances, because all of them are designed for various purposes. The bev center is unmatched when it comes to cooling drinks, regardless of the fact whether it is an undercounter, a freestanding refrigerator or an outdoor appliance.

1.  Under the Counter Fridge vs. Compact Fridge

As we all know, refrigerators are used to keep different types of groceries and drinks cold, which is why all of them have a huge range of temperature settings. Freezers are almost standard equipment, which means that temperatures can vary from -22° to + 50° Fahrenheit (-30° to 10° Celsius).

It is great for the food and some drinks, but not for the drinks in general.

It is suffice to mention that the recommended temperature in the main fridge section (where the drink racks are placed) is around 41° Fahrenheit (5° Celsius) , and that ideal temperature for the vine is around 53.6°F (12°C).

Now, if you would like to set the fridge temperature in main cabinet for vine or beer, you will probably jeopardize your health. At the temperature of more than 5° C, the majority of groceries are suitable for certain bacteria.

If you like to gamble with your health, maybe your finances might make you second guess for a minute.

Fridge is a huge consumer of electricity. It is absurd to keep your drinks in the appliance that consumes power for the freezer. Unless you are a fan of frozen beer, of course.

Ordinary fridges operating with wildly fluctuating temperatures, which can result with often freezing and defrosting process. In that way, you can never be sure enough that your drinks won’t explode because of ice or, in other cases, you floor won’t be flooded.

Even though you have a fridge without a freezer, you have probably noticed that it has not got enough space for the beverage. It is because the refrigerator, as we said, is not designed especially for this. Just the side space of its layout is intended for refreshments.

  • This appliance has an ideal temperature range for all drinks: from 35° to 70°F.
  • It does not have a freezer and it can maintain steady temperature at all times.
  • The whole design is, on the other hand, focused on keeping all the sorts of drinks at the ideal temperature and based on the minimal power consumption.

 2. Under Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator vs. Wine Cooler


An undercounter beverage center is most similar to the coolers or chillers, so it is not surprising that these terms are often used as synonyms. They are so similar that even manufacturers are confused about it.

Beverage coolers are, as well as centers, designed for keeping drinks cold. These devices have a more appropriate temperatures range for beverages than fridges.

However, there is a significant difference between coolers and centers.

First ones are usually limited to a specific sort of drinks, which is the reason why we have particular chillers for certain drinks- vine coolers, beer chillers…

At the same time, this characteristic is the biggest disadvantage if you want to have one appliance for more various sorts of drinks, whether it is a vine, beer, water, soda, etc.

  • The entire layout of built in device is adjusted to all sort of drinks and its packages. Thanks to the movable racks, you can rearrange its interior space any way you like. Almost all models have the adjustable wire shelves.

3. Built-in Beverage Cooler vs. Freezers


A drink fridge does not have almost anything in common with freezers. In fact, it does not have a freezer section at all.


Simple because it is not very wise to keep beverages below zero. It is not smart, but is very dangerous as well. Especially if you have your drinks in a glass bottle.

In short, undercounter beverage center is an ideal appliance for keeping your favorite drinks at an optimal temperature. This incredible appliance not only looks nice, but is easy to install and maintain in perfect condition.

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